Tender Lawn Care is a full-service landscaping business with a thriving landscape design and installation component. Lalo has extensive experience with turf, plants, irrigation, hardsapes and other landscape focuses. Working alongside his wife, Brandy, they have created a successful and quickly growing company with distinctive local appeal.

Lalo Salmeron, grew up on a ranch in Mexico where money was extremely tight. Not only did Lalo complete high school at age fourteen, he received his masters in education at the age of eighteen. He wrote a book on chidren and peer pressure which was published. He was an acting principal of a school district at the age of nineteen. He only came to the United States to learn English.

His landscaping talent began shortly after he arrived in the United States. He had always loved the outdoors and really enjoys seeing his thoughts come to life. He began with Chem-Lawn where he received his Chemical Technician license. When Chem-Lawn sold to Tru-Green, Lalo decided to start his own business. Since TLC's conception in 1992, Lalo has worked on his dreams to arrive where he is today. He continues his education on a regular basis. He holds a chemical license, became a licensed irrigator in 1998, became a water wise irrigation professional in 2002, is a member of the Texas Nursery Landscape Assocation where he attends regular classes to keep up to date with all the latest in the outdoors.

He truly is a gentleman that once you have met you like and trust. He believes in honesty, hard work and friendship. He would give you the shirt off his back if it was the last thing he had.


  • Lalo's Place, the nursery, carries flowers, plants, pots, soil and mulch as well as decorative vases, gardening tools, fountains for your residential needs. Specialty plants, tools and other items can be ordered by request.